New Snow Patrol – “Take Back The City”

Gary Lightbody and the men of Snow Patrol have officially wrapped production on their fifth LP, the Jacknife Lee-produced A Hundred Million Suns. They have also officially initiated the publicity sequence for Innovative Album Marketing Strategy Of The Week. This comes via Guardian:

Snow Patrol have announced that they will be the first band to release a custom application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch products, full of extra content for their most technophile fans. It’s the 2008 equivalent of a CD insert or bonus DVD – but designed for geeks with up-to-date gizmos.

The Snow Patrol application will be available to download, offering any fan with an Apple touch-screen access to artwork, lyrics and behind-the-scenes photographs.

As the article notes, Snow Patrol’s Eyes Open was the UK’s best selling album of 2006 — and they didn’t even need a multimedia promotion like this to make it happen. Of course 2006 was like so many megabytes ago. These days people don’t like spending money on music without being plied with bonus remixes, tote bags, immediate download codes, concert discounts, bonus 180gm double gatefold vinyl, blowjobs, and now, Apple apps. But something tells me the sorta people who fell in love with Snow Patrol in ’06 are the sort still to buy albums in ’08, at least if they get more of those radio ready, arena-leaning anthems and ballads. To wit: “Take Back The City,” the new album’s first single, is an upbeat ode to urban good times, and it is ripe for a few thousand weekend warriors to clap hands and gently pump fists and feel like they’re not old just yet, at 130 bpm.

So there’s one for the fast times. A ballad to make you wanna wave your iPhones in the air can’t be too far off. A Hundred Million Suns is out 10/24 in Ireland, 10/28 in Europe, and 10/29 in the US via Polydor.

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