Lana Del Rey Is Mad About “Little Fuckers” Downloading Her Leaked Album

Lana Del Rey’s much-anticipated new album Lust For Life is set to arrive Friday, and security around the album has been tight; critics haven’t even been able to hear it yet. But according to Reddit, a record store in Canada started selling the album early, and it leaked sometime last night. As NME points out, LDR heard about the leak on Twitter and immediately blasted the “little fuckers” who were downloading it. In a transcendently grumpy string of tweets, Del Rey got pissed about the idea that she’d even know how to report a leak and grumbled that the leak had “better be” deleted. For an artist who plays with image and artifice so virtuosically, it’s fun to see LDR getting very real all of a sudden. Here, observe:

Lust For Life is out 7/21 on Interscope, and honestly, you little fuckers can wait.

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