Beyoncé Wax Figure Looks Nothing Like Beyoncé

It can’t be easy to make a lifelike wax figure. But a photo of a Beyoncé wax figure, supposedly from a Madame Tussauds location, has been making the rounds lately, mostly because it looks nothing even remotely like Beyoncé. As The FADER points out, the figure in question pretty much just looks like some white lady wearing something that Beyoncé could conceivably wear. As plenty of people online have pointed out, it looks more like Lindsay Lohan than Beyoncé. Observe:

Meanwhile, the podcast host Shaun Lau has pointed out that different Madame Tussauds locations have Beyoncé figures in the same outfit and pose, but with faces that look nothing like that one — or, for that matter, like Beyoncé herself:

It’s like they just re-labelled their Britney Spears figures when they learned that people don’t really listen to Britney Spears anymore.

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