Blis. – “Stale Smoke”

Blis. – “Stale Smoke”

Atlanta rockers Blis. released their promising EP Starting Fires In My Parents House back in 2015, and they’re finally following it up this October with their first full-length, No One Loves You. The new album’s first single “Stale Smoke” is heavy in texture and lyrical content. Aaron Gossett’s vocals are rusty like the pipes of an aged, neglected bathroom; they’re raw and grimy and have definitely have lived through some shit (no pun intended). Skewering guitars flail around him as he sings, “If I was more stable I’d bet you’d have more to say to me.” Here’s what Gossett told us about the track:

This song is about feeling like a child and then finding out you’re going to have one. It’s about all the things you have to give up on in the process and all the people you’ll eventually leave behind because of it. It’s about about feeling overwhelmed and appreciating those silent moments you rarely get as a new father to be able to step outside and have a cigarette before duty calls again.

Listen below.


01 “Dumb”
02 “Stale Smoke”
03 “Take Me Home”
04 “Servant”
05 “Old Man”
06 “Lost Boy”
07 “Ugly”
08 “Home”
09 “Christian Girls”
10 “Pathetic”
11 “Broken”

No One Loves You is out 10/6 on Sargent House. Pre-order it in physical or digital formats.

CREDIT: Elena De Soto

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