OneRepublic – “Champagne Supernova” (Oasis Cover)

Champagne Supernova,” the closing track on Oasis’ 1995 album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, is one of those magnificent epics that must be cranked to maximum volume and howled with all your might whenever you encounter it on the radio. It’s one of the most electrifying tracks of the Britpop era, one that highlights each Gallagher brother at the peak of his powers and makes rock ‘n’ roll excess sound practically cosmic. I love it dearly, so if you’re going to cover it you’d better come correct — or at least completely transform it like New Zealand dream-poppers Yumi Zouma did earlier this year.

What I’m trying to say is OneRepublic, the milquetoast hit-making machine fronted by in-demand songwriting pro Ryan Tedder, has no business covering “Champagne Supernova.” Yet here we are. As Rolling Stone explains, the band recorded a version of the track at Abbey Road in London for Spotify’s Music Happens Here series. Perhaps this is a way of sabotaging Spotify, the rival of noted OneRepublic superfan Tim Cook’s Apple Music? If you’ve never noticed how closely OneRepubic resemble one of those shamelessly corny cover bands often booked for food festivals, corporate parties, and the like, this recording will snap that realization into place. They don’t have the dynamism to do this song justice, and Tedder certainly doesn’t have the pipes. Behold OneRepublic’s criminally bland rendition below if you dare, and then wipe that tear away now from your eye and cleanse yourself with the original recording.