Peach Pyramid – “Repeating Myself” Video

Peach Pyramid is the project of British Columbia’s Jen Severtson, who couches heavy themes of abuse and trauma within her bright, surf-inflected indie-pop. Severtson is signed to Oscar St. Records, the new label founded by the New Pornographers’ Kathryn Calder, who also produced her upcoming debut Repeating Myself alongside engineer Colin Stewart. The full album will be out in September, and today, she’s sharing a music video for lead single “Repeating Myself,” a three-minute pop gem propelled skyward by Severtson’s crystalline vocal performance. Some words from Severtson:

“Repeating Myself” is a song that emphasizes the feeling of voicelessness in scenarios of abuse. A phone call between an awkward 1949 teenage couple leads to a date at the carnival. As the date progresses the video gets considerably more fuzzy and psychedelic, scenes play out backwards and sped up. Themes of consent and self-doubt echo through the chorus lyrics “It’s defeating repeating myself.” At the end of the date the iconic kiss goodnight scene goes horribly wrong and a question is left lingering, “How do you say goodnight?”

Watch and listen below.

Repeating Myself is out 9/22 via Oscar St Records.