Club Night – “Well”

Club Night are a group of musicians based out of Oakland. Earlier this month they released their first-ever song, “Rally,” from their debut release, the forthcoming Hell Ya EP. It was a jolt that recalled the collectivist spirit of the mid-to-late-’00s, but it also felt chaotically imbalanced; similarly, the second single from that EP, “Well,” reminds me a little bit scorched-earth yelpers WU LYF, but it’s arranged in such a ramshackle way that makes it difficult to pin down. It’s an energetic kaleidoscope that sounds nauseated by its own existence, complete with a sample of the infamous Jim Jones “It’s living that’s treacherous” quote. “What will you do as it all burns down around you?” they ask with a demonic sort of glee. “I watched the flames gleam in your shimmering third eye/ You smiled and just laughed, this is exactly what we deserve.” Listen below.

The Hell Ya EP is out 8/25 via Tiny Engines.

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