Action Bronson – “The Chairman’s Intent” Video

Action Bronson has lately been working on his Blue Chips 7000 album, and now he’s finally announced that it’ll be coming out next month. And Pitchfork points out that, as part of the album’s pre-order festivities, Bronson’s offering up a feature where you can pay $5,000 to have dinner with the man himself. Also, there’s a new video that opens with Bronson tackling a guy off of a moving motorcycle, and I’m pretty sure he did the stunt for real.

Bronson’s new video for the new track “The Chairman’s Intent,” which follows up last months’ equally ridiculous “Let Me Breathe” video, is a ’70s-style grindhouse homage, and it features Bronson throwing a guy off of a roof, torturing another guy, hang gliding, and wearing a ridiculous and purpose-free blonde wig throughout. There’s also a scene where he does a running powerslam on a luchador. Bronson co-directed the video with Rik Cordero, and the song, which you can barely hear over all the sound effects, is a cool boom-bap track that Harry Fraud produced. Check it out below.

Blue Chips 7000 is out 8/25 on Vice/Atlantic.