Weezer Made A Guns N’ Roses-Inspired Video For “Feels Like Summer”

I’ve always assumed that half the fun of being in Weezer was doing whatever the hell you wanted when it came time to make a music video. Whether Rivers Cuomo and company were galavanting around the Playboy Mansion or making a montage of every viral Youtube video, they’re sure to go the unconventional route and poke a few buttons. Today, they release a new video for their latest single, “Feels Like Summer,” and it’s an incredibly accurate retelling of Guns N’ Roses’ 1987 video for “Paradise City.” Like, I watched these side by side and couldn’t believe how well they lined up. They’re all dressed in character, and the camera cuts between shots of the crowd (filmed during Arroyo Seco Weekend festival) and behind-the-scenes footage of the band at the same flash pace as the original. Hell, they even replicated the split-second shot of a couple in the audience making out. It’s super fun watching Cuomo do his best Axl Rose, and Brian Bell’s take on Slash is just as entertaining. Watch.

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