Sheryl Crow Turned That Tweet About Her Being Dead Into A Song

One of the only positive ripple effects from Kid Rock exploring a run for Senate was a tweet last week musing that Rock’s old “Picture” duet partner Sheryl Crow “must be rolling in her grave,” to which Crow responded, “Dude. I’m still alive.”

Now, as our homies at Spin point out, Crow seized her moment by expanding the Twitter quip into a whole song within a few hours. It’s a Gloria Gaynor-referencing island bop that sounds way more complete than you’d expect from a quick studio goof-off session. There are also some good jabs at President Trump and an allusion to various past and present pariahs from his administration. Watch Crow and friends bounce their way through it below, where you can also find a lyric sheet.

In other news, it seems Crow is getting into memes! She shared this funny one referencing one of her big hits, much to John Mayer’s delight: