Grimes Gives Update On Her “Unexplored Sonic Landscapes” Inspired By Dark Souls III

After the release of Art Angels in 2015, Grimes took a much-deserved break, but since then, she’s been giving periodic little updates about the possibility of new music. In April of last year, she described the new stuff she was working on as “chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit,” and in November, she said that she wanted her next project to be “slower and more reflective.” We haven’t heard much since then, but in an Instagram post yesterday announcing her inclusion in this year’s Harper’s Bazaar Icons list, she gave another little update:

I kno i’ve been quiet lately — in the studio every day trying to legit make something you’ve never heard before. unexplored sonic landscapes. i need another month or 2 of pure unadulterated creativity at which point i will begin finishing tracks. won’t let u down

Pure unadulterated creativity sounds good. We trust you, Grimes!

UPDATE: The new songs are also apparently inspired by the videogame Dark Souls III.

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