Small Circle – “Spinning”

Last year, Small Circle — the Philly-based band fronted by Marissa D’elia and backed by three Sorority Noise members — released their debut EP, Melatonin; in May, they remixed and reissued that EP along with a new track, “Sameness.” Today, the band has announced that their debut full-length, Cyclical, is out next month, and they’ve shared its first single, “Spinning.” It’s punchier than what was on the EP, and D’elia’s vocals are crisp and sharp as she commits to seeing through the more difficult parts of a relationship: “I’ll be just fine,” she sings on the chorus, joined in harmony by Cameron Boucher. “It’s only hard because we make it so,” she says later on, as the song ramps up and soars off into the distance, unleashed from all the bullshit that might weigh you down.

“Spinning is about not being met with the same emotional effort you’re putting into a friendship/relationship yet still providing it against better judgement,” D’elia said in a press release. “Both verses come together to form this perfect juxtaposition of feeling exhausted but wanting to see that pain through.”

Listen below.

01 “We Belong Here”
02 “Vague Consensus”
03 “Spinning”
04 “Mornings”
05 “Point Breeze”
06 “Ritual”
07 “Stuartess”
08 “Futile”
09 “Cooler Mood”
10 “About You”

Tour Dates (w/ Remo Drive & McCafferty):
09/05 Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
09/06 Asbury Park, PA @ Asbury Park Brewery
09/07 Brooklyn, NY @ The Knitting Factory
09/08 Kingston, NY @ BSP
09/09 Boston, MA @ Sonia’s

Cyclical is out 9/8 via Flower Girl Records. Pre-order it here.

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