Vince Staples: “Chipotle Is Gentrification And They’re Killing People”

Vince Staples loves talking shit and the latest thing he’s down on is the burrito chain Chipotle. The rapper guested on a recent episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones — a YouTube show that invites celebrity guests on to eat wings and chat about whatever — during which he reviewed the wings and gave some sane life advice like: “save your money, pay your taxes, don’t go to jail.”

At one point during the taping, the show’s host Sean Evans asked Staples what he thinks about other types of food. Evans asked the simple question, “does Chipotle qualify as Mexican food in your opinion?” and Staples confidently responded. “No. Chipotle is gentrification and they’re killing people,” he said.

Obviously Vince Staples, who is from California, does not consider Chipotle to be Real Mexican Food. Californians know. Watch below at the 9:25 mark.