Mini Dresses – “Division”

Mini Dresses have been around for a while now, releasing a string of tapes and singles over the last five years leading up to their self-titled debut, which is out next month. The Boston-based trio’s songs feel unhurried and deliberate, the product of patience and hard work. Their debut was put together over the course of two years, and that gestation period resulted in some of their best songs yet. It also, predictably, resulted in some tension, though you wouldn’t guess it from the luxurious pace of “Division,” the album’s latest single.

“We wrote “Division” at a moment of breakdown during our recording process, when we were feeling pressure from creative, technological, and financial obstacles,” the band explains. “The song wasn’t fully written when we brought it to the studio, so it has an aleatoric quality in its composition — the lyrics are about chance and hesitation, a vision half-seen. We sat on it for about a year before we decided we liked it.”

“Division” is the closing track on their new album, and it serves as a languid coda to the whole experience. It’s presented in a glimmering fog, with Lira Mondal’s remarkable voice the only element rendered completely clear. “On my way to knowing what to do about you,” she lilts, stretching out the last syllables across a vast expanse. “I can barely hold it in, what’s coming through.” It’s a strained but serene daydream about holding it all together, and it sounds like the moments of peace in between incessant jumbled thoughts. Listen below.

Here’s the album’s first single, “Fantasy Nails”:

Mini Dresses is out 9/15 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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