Who Is She? – “Top 8”

Who Is She? – “Top 8”

The infinite stressors and friendship deal-breakers of the MySpace Top 8 were limited to a specific generation, but the feelings that resulted from that forced hierarchal structure are universal: the fear of being the odd one out, the experience of having to watch your friend become better friends with someone else. That’s the kind of anxiety that Who Is She? capture on their first-ever track, and it’s the sort of ’00s touchstone that each of its members are so good at wielding into relatable rock songs in their own projects.

See, Who Is She? is a Seattle supergroup of sorts — a trio made up of Lisa Prank’s Robin Edwards, Tacocat’s Bree McKenna, and Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro — and anyone that has grown attached to the charms of any of those projects will certainly find something to love in Seattle Gossip, the band’s forthcoming debut album. “Top 8″ is a great example of the economical yet effective songwriting that marks the current crop of Seattle talent, which often uses goofiness and likability as a way to get to the tender vulnerabilities at the heart of everyday life. Listen below.

01 “Nervous Dufflebag Boy”
02 “Top 8″
03 “Seattle Freeze”
04 “Worst Girl At The 5 Point”
05 “I’m Getting Courtney Cox And David Arquette Back Together If It’s The Last Thing I Do”
06 “John Titor”
07 “Romcom”
08 “Blushin’ On The 44″
09 “Whatever”
10 “Jordan Catalano”
11 “Angry Bitches”

Seattle Gossip is out 10/6 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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