Partner – “Gross Secret”

In addition to guitar heroics and hooks on hooks, one of the main reasons we named Partner a Band To Watch is that their songs are often hilarious. New single “Gross Secret,” a swaggering rocker that somewhat resembles Veruca Salt covering the White Stripes’ “I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman,” is one of the funniest. Here’s Partner’s Lucy Niles explaining the premise:

Picture this: your sunglasses have fallen into a toilet full of a stranger’s pee. You have two choices; rinse them off and get on with your life or don’t. I (Lucy) chose the former, and that is one of my gross secrets. For us this is the song that started it all. Please enjoy it for what it is: a celebration of the grossness that unites us.

The song is on Partner’s debut album In Search Of Lost Time, out next month, but you can hear it right now. Do it!

In Search Of Lost Time is out 9/8 on You’ve Changed Records. Pre-order it here.

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