Belle & Sebastian Forgot Their Drummer In A North Dakota Walmart, But He Made It To Tonight’s Show In Minnesota

Belle & Sebastian accidentally left their drummer in a North Daktota Walmart. It happens. The Scottish band were on their way to tonight’s show in St. Paul, Minnesota when they stopped at a Walmart in Dickinson, North Dakota to get some water. Richard Colburn got off the bus, and he never made it back on. “I was coming out of the Walmart, and he was coming into the Walmart, and he was waving very happily, in a good mood,” B&S frontman Stuart Murdoch tells The Current. “And that was the last time that we saw him.” Colburn sat in Walmart for four hours before eventually checking into a hotel and going to sleep, and hours later, after realizing that they had left the poor guy stranded in North Dakota without a phone or identification, Murdoch tweeted out an SOS: “Shit, we left Richard in North Dakota. Anyone want to be a hero and get him to St Paul, Minnesota somehow. The gig hangs in the balance.”

Fortunately, everything worked out. The band found someone to drive Richard to Bismarck, where he caught a flight to Minneapolis in time for the gig at the Palace Theatre. Also, he got a mimosa.

As Stereogum’s own Michael Nelson pointed out, “Please Help Belle And Sebastian Get Richard To Minneapolis” would be a great B&S song title.