Taylor Swift Shares Snake Teaser, Reportedly For New Single “Timeless”

Taylor Swift purged much of her social media presence last Friday, leading many of us to believe that her long-expected album rollout was about to begin. Today there’s been some chatter about new music or information at 2PM EDT — at the peak of the eclipse, smh — and now Swift herself has tweeted out this 10-second lo-fi video clip. It appears to be a snake (a reference to her reputation?) or perhaps a dragon or an alligator… some sort of reptilian tail, I guess? Whatever it is, it marks a significant change in this woman’s personal branding. Decipher below, and then avoid staring at the sun today by frantically refreshing Swift’s Twitter account.

UPDATE: Genius is listing a new Taylor Swift song called “Timeless,” which is apparently is registered under her name with ASCAP. Timeless.com, meanwhile, features a “Timeless” logo marked, “Coming Soon.”

UPDATE 2: Us Weekly reports Swift is releasing a “poppy” new single this Friday and that her album “isn’t too far away.”

UPDATE 3 (8/22): Swift has shared a second, slightly longer snake teaser:

UPDATE 4 (8/23): Another day, another snake. This time we see its face!

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