Watch Code Orange Play A Truly Badass Wrestling Entrance Theme

Watch Code Orange Play A Truly Badass Wrestling Entrance Theme

Wrestling fans know: You almost never get an actual good band performing during a WWE show. But this weekend, we got one. On Saturday night, NXT, the developmental WWE league that consistently puts on better shows than WWE itself, took over Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for its biggest annual show. (WWE itself took over the same venue the next night for its big Summerslam show, but the NXT show was a whole lot better.) And during the show, we got a couple of performances from an actual good band: Pittsburgh hardcore marauders Code Orange.

Code Orange opened the show on Saturday, performing “Bleeding In The Blur,” the single from their 2017 album Forever, while video clips flashed on the Jumbotron behind them. And later, they came back onstage for the entrance of Aleister Black, the creepy Dutch occultist wrestler who was there to take on the Japanese striker Hideo Itami. (Black wrestled on the indie circuit for years as Tommy End. He’s a trained kickboxer, he has face tattoos, and he fucking rules.) Black, a longtime fan of Code Orange and of heavy music in general, has a ripshit industrial-hardcore track as his entrance music. And when he made his way to the ring, Code Orange performed it along with Brendan Garrone, frontman of the New York hardcore band Incendiary, who sang on Black’s original entrance theme. Below, watch Black’s entrance and Code Orange talking about it.

Forever is out now on Roadrunner.

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