S. Carey – “Brassy Sun”

Aside from the charity one-off “Come To Me,” we haven’t heard new music from Bon Iver member and serial collaborator Sean Carey since 2015’s Supermoon EP, a sort of epilogue to 2014’s exquisite Range Of Light. But I am happy to report that S. Carey season is approaching.

Although NPR reports that a new album is not expected until next year, today Carey shared “Brassy Sun,” a song he wrote for Will Arnett’s Netflix series Flaked. The series is a comedy, but the song is as gorgeously somber as we’ve come to expect from Carey, whose signature aesthetic splits the difference between Sufjan Stevens’ hushed balladry and the emotional sonic landscapes typical of Carey’s bud Justin Vernon. This one is particularly beautiful, with an arrangement that glimmers like light reflecting off glass and lyrics that live up to the musical splendor. “Where have I been?” Carey sings. “In a drug daze/ In that sun gaze/ In that glossy haze.” Listen below.

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