Watch Metallica’s James Hetfield Fall In A Hole Onstage In Amsterdam

Darkness! Imprisoning me! Because I just stepped into a hole onstage! It’s always funny when musicians fall into holes onstage. It was funny when Diddy did it, it was funny when Travis Scott did it, and it was funny when Metallica’s James Hetfield did it.

Last night, Metallica played Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome. They had an elaborate stage, and at one point, doors in the stage floor opened up so that video cubes could come out. But before those cubes rose, Helfield, in the middle of the Kirk Hammett guitar solo on “Now That We’re Dead,” stepped into one of them and absolutely ate shit.

As Rolling Stone reports, after the fall, Hetfield told the crowd, “Is everybody ok? Yes, I’m ok. My ego, not so much. But we’re fine. Hurt my feelings a little bit.” Watch fan-made videos below, via SPIN.

That looked painful, but given that James Hetfield has literally lit himself on fire while performing, it’s actually fairly low on the James Hetfield onstage-injury scale.