New Michael Jackson Album Scream Is Just A Halloween-Themed Compilation

Yesterday, we learned that there was a new Michael Jackson album called Scream apparently set for release later this month. But the official album announcement has now come out, and it’s not even anything as exciting as a collection of vault material. Instead, the new MJ is a Halloween-themed compilation, a collection of all of Jackson’s spookiest songs. “Thriller” is on there, obviously, as are “Ghosts” and “Scream” and “Blood On The Dance Floor.” And do you think of “Dirty Diana” as a spooky song? No? You don’t? Well, it’s on there anyway! The one “new” track on the album is a mash-up of five different songs. Below, you can listen to it and check out the collection’s tracklist.

01 “This Place Hotel”
02 “Thriller”
03 “Blood On The Dance Floor”
04 “Somebody’s Watching Me”
05 “Dirty Diana”
06 “Torture”
07 “Leave Me Alone”
08 “Scream”
09 “Dangerous”
10 “Unbreakable”
11 “Xscape”
12 “Threatened”
13 “Ghosts”
14 “Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)”

Scream is out 9/29 on Epic/Legacy.