Beach Slang / Quiet Slang – “Hot Tramps”

Beach Slang leader James Alex is putting out an EP of reworked Beach Slang songs under the name Quiet Slang next month, and he’s also adopted that moniker for “Hot Tramps,” a new contribution to Amazon’s Amazon Acoustics playlist. “I wrote this song on the same day David Bowie died,” Alex explains. “I don’t know. I felt like making something was the best way to punch through it, to figure it out . I suppose, some of it’s about Bowie. Most of it’s about a girl. All of it’s about patching up the cracks. So, that’s the deal, you know? A few chords, some clumsy words and a title you swiped from a hero — it doesn’t fix it all, but it numbs the sting. Maybe that’s enough.” Listen below.

And here’s the whole playlist, which just relaunched with 20 new songs today:

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