Mark Ronson Sued For Copying “Uptown Funk” From Zapp

Mark Ronson is being sued for allegedly ripping off Zapp and Roger Troutman’s 1980 track “More Bounce To The Ounce” on his Bruno Mars super-hit “Uptown Funk,” according to TMZ. Lastrada Entertainment, who owns the rights to the song, says that “Uptown Funk” is a clear copy (particularly the first 48 seconds), and they’ve filed suits against Ronson, Spotify, Apple, and several producers in order to halt plays and sales of the song in addition to an unspecified sum in damages. Part of their evidence includes an interview where Ronson cited Zapp and Troutman as influences. Bruno Mars is not named in the suit

This isn’t the first time “Uptown Funk” has been the subject of litigation. The Gap Band were given songwriting credits on the track in 2015, and Ronson has been accused of plagiarism by Serbian musician Viktorija and ’80s funk band Collage.

Compare the two below.