Quicksand Guitarist Reportedly Arrested For Shoplifting & Resisting Arrest

A few weeks ago, the NYC post-hardcore institution Quicksand announced a new LP — their third overall, and first in 22 years — and dropped that LP’s first single, “Illuminant.” If you click either of those links in the preceding sentence, you’ll see me waxing ecstatically about both these developments. I love Quicksand. I love “Illuminant.” I got an advance of the album (it’s called Interiors, and it’s coming out on Epitaph in November) and I love that, too. It’s great. I’ve been listening to it every day for like three weeks. It makes me so fucking happy. So I’m not really all that stoked to tell you that the band’s guitarist Tom Capone was reportedly arrested on Tuesday, while on tour with Quicksand, forcing the quartet to play as a trio.

Here are the alleged details, according to Lambgoat:

Capone, age 47, was reportedly booked in Maricopa County, AZ on Tuesday, September 12 on charges of “shoplifting-concealment” and “resist arrest-physical force.”

Quicksand were scheduled to play in Phoenix that night, and the show did indeed go on, but they performed without Capone. Metalsucks dug up some video from the set, if you wanna see what it looked like.

And if you wanna see what Capone’s mugshot looked like, you can do that, too:

I’m sure we’ll get more details, and we’ll update when we do. In the meantime, I’m still riding hard for Interiors, and you should still fucking buy it, because it’s awesome. Here’s proof:

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