Rebecca Black’s “Wasted Youth” Sounds An Awful Lot Like The Julia Michaels Song She Covered A Few Months Ago

Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame has a new EP out. It’s called RE/BL and, as Popheads points out, it features a song titled “Wasted Youth,” which sounds an awful lot like another track that came out this year called “Uh Huh” written by the songwriter and burgeoning pop star Julia Michaels. Here’s “Wasted Youth”:

…and here’s Michaels’ “Uh Huh”:

Hear that? Nix the lyrics and you’re basically listening to the exact same song. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Black recently covered “Uh Huh” and made a video to go with it. Observe:

There’s pretty much no question that Black’s producers were, uh, “inspired” by Michaels’ song. If you listen to an early acoustic version of “Wasted Youth,” the chorus sounds pretty dissimilar from the end result. Hear it for yourself: