Steve Albini Is Auctioning Off Nirvana’s In Utero Microphones

Last month, Billy Corgan auctioned off over 150 pieces of gear that he used to record for Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan. Now fellow Chicago music icon Steve Albini is following suit, although in keeping with their respective personal aesthetics, Albini’s auction is much more barebones. He’s auctioning three microphones he used to record Nirvana’s In Utero starting today, the album’s 24th anniversary.

The three microphones are split up into two auctions: One is for a stereo pair of Lomo 19A9 tube condensers, and the other is for an Electro-Voice PL20. According to Reverb, “The 19A9s were were used as overheads on Dave Grohl’s drum kit, while the PL20 and one of the 19A9s were used to record Kurt Cobain’s vocals.”

Auctions will continue through Sept. 30. Bid here, and watch a video about the microphones below.