Kindling – “Destroy Yrself”

For a few years now we’ve been fans of Massachusetts shoegazers Kindling and of 6131, the California record label that introduced us to Julien Baker and Thunder Dreamer among other rising stars. So it’s cool to see that particular band and that particular label link up, like when two friends from separate social circles end up dating and it makes perfect sense in hindsight.

Kindling have indeed signed to 6131 and are releasing their next album, Hush, through the label this November. Today they’re promoting it with lead single “Destroy Yrself,” a straight-ahead burner that boasts some haunting guy-girl vocals and a grand, sweeping arrangement. This is one of those fast-paced shoegaze songs that feels like a wall of gorgeous noise sweeping across Earth’s surface like the blast radius from some benevolent explosive. Enjoy it below.


01 “For Olive”
02 “Destroy Yrself”
03 “Pantone Blue”
04 “Everywhere”
05 “Wait”
06 “Rain”
07 “Wherever”
08 “Better World”
09 “It Will”
10 “Wet Leaves”

Hush is out 11/10 via 6131. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Reid Haithcock
Tags: Kindling