Watch A Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Short Film Of HAIM Playing Live-In-Studio

Earlier this year, before HAIM announced the existence of their very good sophomore album Something To Tell You, the great filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson directed a video of the band playing the then-new song “Right Now” live-in-studio. As it turns out, that video was the first part of Victory, a 14-minute short film that Anderson has put together.

In the film, Anderson films, as the members of HAIM play three of the songs from Something To Tell You in LA’s Valentine Recording Studios. (Besides “Right Now,” they do the title track and “Nothing’s Wrong.”) As with the David Lynch-directed musical performances from Twin Peaks: The Return, it’s a fascinating chance to see a band play through the eyes of one of our greatest filmmakers. The HAIM sisters look cool as fuck in the footage he’s captured. And right now, you can watch the whole thing below.

Something To Tell You is out now on Columbia.