The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie Announces Solo Album, Recorded With Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew

Last year, Gord Downie, longtime frontman for beloved Canadian rock institution the Tragically Hip, announced that he is suffering from terminal brain cancer. He and his band headed out on a final tour, playing shows that were reportedly emotionally cathartic experiences for everyone involved. And while Downie isn’t performing anymore, he’s still using whatever time he has left to make art. Last year, he gave the world Secret Path — a project that included a solo album, a graphic novel, and an animated film — based entirely around the way Canada has discriminated against indigenous people. And now Downie is announcing a new double solo album that he recorded with Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew.

Downie and Drew recorded the new 23-song album Introduce Yerself over two four-day sessions, and the album includes a lot of first-take performances. Drew co-wrote many of the songs. In a trailer for the album, Downie says, “Each song is about a person.” Below, check out the trailer, as well as the album’s tracklist.

01 “First Person”
02 “Wolf’s Home”
03 “Bedtime”
04 “Introduce Yerself”
05 “Coco Chanel No. 5″
06 “Ricky Please”
07 “Safe Is Dead”
08 “Spoon”
09 “A Natural”
10 “Faith Faith”
11 “My First Girlfriend”
12 “Yer Ashore”
13 “Love Over Money”
14 “You Me And The B’s”
15 “Snowflake”
16 “A Better End”
17 “Nancy”
18 “Thinking About Us”
19 “The Road”
20 “You Are The Bird”
21 “The Lake”
22 “Far Away And Blurred”
23 “The North”

Introduce Yerself is out 10/27 on Arts & Crafts.