Watch Daniel Johnston Perform With Preservation Hall All Stars At First Show Of Final Tour

Last night, legendary outsider artist Daniel Johnston kicked off what he’s saying will be his final tour. His first show was at The Joy Theater in New Orleans, and he was accompanied by members of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. (Different artists will play alongside him each night of the tour.) According to, he played six songs in total, broken up by an instrumental interlude, and the last song (“True Love Will Find You In The End”) was cut short after his lyrics sheets fell. You can watch him perform “Go” and a truncated “True Love” below.

“Walking The Cow”
“Life In Vain”
(Instrumentals from Preservation Hall Jazz Band only)
“Funeral Home”
“Rock ‘n’ Roll/EGA”
“True Love Will Find You In The End”

Johnston’s next performance is on 10/03 in DC, backed by members of Fugazi.