Brockhampton – “Boys” Video

The energetic, prolific, exciting-as-hell young rap collective (or, sure, boy band) Brockhampton have built a name for themselves largely on the strength of their low-budget, high-concept, deeply entertaining music videos. But in their new clip for “Boys,” a track from their first Saturation album, Brockhampton abandon the formula that’s gotten them this far. Crew affiliate Robert Ontenient, rather than leader Kevin Abstract, directed this video, and it looks like they filmed it on the road rather than in their Los Angeles neighborhood. It doesn’t even have the customary Spanish introduction. Instead, the clip is made to look like a found-footage horror movie, but it’s all murky single-shot footage of the group lip-syncing the song in an empty concert venue somewhere. And it’s still worth watching, since the group’s energy still pops off the screen. Watch it below.

The self-released Saturation and Saturation II albums are out now.