Ryan Power – “The Cavalry”

Band To Watch alumnus Ryan Power’s seventh LP, They Sell Doomsday, is due out later this month, and so far listeners of the songwriter/producer have lead single “Empty The Jewels” to tide them over. Second advance track “The Cavalry” is significantly less electric than “Empty The Jewels” or “The Prize,” a highlight from Powers’ last album, Identity Picks. Even so, the electric bass and guitar pluck along with ease, rarely deviating from the meter provided by the acoustic foundation, but simultaneously mirroring the light syncopation in Power’s vocals.

From what we can tell from these latest two tracks — not to mention the other six albums — Power has given a lot of thought as to where his songs go harmonically. His songs bear surprising, jazzy chord progressions and, in tandem with the lyrics, transition seamlessly from verse to chorus. In this way, Power’s abstract, stream-of-consciousness songwriting comes off as conversational. “Come and try me/ Gonna kiss all your scars, rattle the bars,” he sings, as his falsetto facilitates multiple levels of vocal harmony.

Listen to “The Cavalry” below, where you can also find “Empty The Jewels.”

They Sell Doomsday tracklist:

01 “Editor In Chief”
02 “The Cavalry”
03 “They Sell Doomsday”
04 “In A Tizzy”
05 “Pilot To Moth”
06 “Don’t Mention It”
07 “Give It A Rest”
08 “Issues”
09 “Empty The Jewels
10 “Yer Not Doin’ What You Should”
11 “Via Media”
12 “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely”
13 “Lone Wolf Cry”
14 “Lazy About Love”
15 “Wooly Minded”

They Sell Doomsday is out 10/20 via NNA Tapes. Pre-order the CD or vinyl here.

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