OCS – “The Fool”

OCS – “The Fool”

California psych-rock institution OCS — fka Oh Sees, fka Thee Oh Sees, fka the Oh Sees, fka the Ohsees, fka Orange County Sound, fka Orinoka Crash Suite — are about to follow up this summer’s Orc with another new album called Memory Of A Cut Off Head. Like the title track, “The Fool” features John Dwyer’s longtime collaborator Brigid Dawson on lead vocals. But unlike the title track’s florid psych-folk, this one is all spare, sumptuously orchestrated bliss. “On the one hand, it’s a just a simple song about love-lost,” Dawson says. “About watching your man drive away, and being left behind for his pursuit of the muse, whatever or whoever that may be. When that happens a few times, how foolish it makes you feel. And on the other hand, I was listening to a lot of Jeanne Lee when I was writing, and wanted this song to be an experiment with her sound-singing, no words just shapes and sounds.” Listen below.

Memory Of A Cut Off Head is out 11/17 on Castle Face. Pre-order it here.

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