Watch Method Man Tell Seth Meyers About How He Got Donald Trump On His Album

Way back in 1998, Method Man released his sophomore solo album Tical 2000: Judgment Day, and it featured a brief appearance from one Donald Trump. The current sitting President of the United States was on the album for only a few seconds, literally phoning in a skit to tell Meth to hurry up and release the album. These days, Meth is very good in his smallish role on the HBO drama The Deuce, and he was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night. During the show, Meth wore a truly immaculate suit, and Meyers asked him about how that appearance came to be. The story itself isn’t too exciting — Trump was just doing a favor for Russell Simmons — but it’s fun to watch Meth break into giggles while listening to the skit. Check it out below.

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