This Will Destroy You – “Kitchen”

Texas post-rock four-piece This Will Destroy You have taken a break from album-making to create the soundtrack for Vespertine, Chef Jordan Kahn’s new experimental restaurant in Los Angeles. Their ambient compositions will accompany each phase of an unusual dining experience, complete with a space station-like banquet room and costumed servers.

The aptly named “Kitchen” diverges from TWDY’s typically pulsating orchestration toward a sparse, toned-down kind of space music, like something you might hear at a spa or an alien lord’s funeral. It crawls toward a melancholic triumph, building on a steady violin and emotive guitar plucks, picking up new textures and instruments along the way. “Kitchen” will play as Kahn greets restaurant-goers before the dinner begins. GQ quoted Kahn on the collaboration: “The music might be the most important part of the whole experience.” Listen below.

The “Kitchen” digital single is out today via Magic Bullet Records. Purchase it here.