Hater – “Blushing”

About a year ago, on the morning after Donald Trump was elected president, we introduced “Mental Haven,” the lead single from Hater’s debut album You Tried. You might have missed that post because people understandably had more important things on their mind that day, but let me tell you, the song is incredible — “an old-school rock song shrouded in indie-pop softness,” I called it — and the rest of the album lives up to its promise.

A few months after its release, moody Malmö rockers have announced a new EP for Fire Records called Red Blinders. Its lead single “Blushing” is out this week, and I recommend you hear that one too. It continues Hater’s tradition of jangly interlocking guitars and airy, arching vocals, and you can hear it below.

Red Blinders is out 12/1 on Fire. Pre-order it here.

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