Morrissey – “Spent The Day In Bed” Video

Even in the bloom of youth, Morrissey evinced an obsession with physical impermanence: the reading glasses; the bloodied bandage; the hearing aid. I don’t know if these accoutrements are intended as fashion statements or expressions of existential dread, but the man’s fixation on his deteriorating body is a constant theme. Even last year, when Supreme dropped their Morrissey T-shirt, the dissatisfaction expressed by Moz took on unusually clinical tones:

I considered the photograph to be fit only for a medical encyclopedia…

Fwiw, I haven’t seen him live since, like, 2009, but at that point, he appeared to be in absurdly robust health. And I need him to stay that way forever! So anyway, on to the topic at hand: I’ve already shared my affection for Morrissey’s new single, “Spent The Day In Bed,” and today, he delivers a video accompaniment. True to form, it opens with Moz in a fucking wheelchair, and he never stands once throughout the course of the clip. Watch:

Morrissey’s new album, Low In High School, is out 11/17. Pre-order it here. Limited edition box sets and vinyl here.

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