Stream Haram When You Have Won, You Have Lost

This year, the New York hardcore band Haram has been in the news for a pretty fucked-up reason. Frontman Neder Haram sings in Arabic, and even though his lyrics are secular and anti-extremist, that’s been enough for the FBI and the NYPD to interrogate Haram. But the band have responded in true punk rock fashion, by going in even harder. Today, Haram followed up their 2016 EP شو بتشوف؟ “What Do You See​?​” with a ferocious new album called When You Have Won, You Have Lost. Sample song titles: “Not A Terorrist,” “American Police,” “Your President, Not A President.” The band plays a frenetic, no-frills form of old-school hardcore. Their songs are short and sharp and intense, and I bet they’re fun as hell live. Stream the album below.

When You Have Won, You Have Lost is out now on Toxic State, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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