Stream Positive No Partners In The Wild

The Richmond, Virginia indie band Positive No started out as a project from Tracy Wilson and Kenny Close, two former members of the ’90s post-hardcore band Dahlia Seed. But Positive No don’t sound like Dahlia Seed. Instead, they sound like the wiry, serrated ’90s bands that walked the line between indie rock and pop-punk. If you’re a fan of Superchunk — and you should really be a fan of Superchunk — then there’s a whole lot to like in what they do. There’s a bit of Breeders or Speedy Ortiz in there, too. On Friday, the band followed up their 2013 full-length debut Glossa with the new album Partners In The Wild. It’s a catchy, homespun piece of rock music, and you can stream the whole thing below.

You can pay what you want to download Partners In The Wild from Bandcamp.

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