Vundabar – “Acetone” & “Glass Hand”

Vundabar – “Acetone” & “Glass Hand”

Boston group Vundabar have been putting out ricocheting rock music for a few years now, most recently on 2015’s full-length GAWK, and today they’ve shared a new single from their forthcoming album, Smell Smoke, plus a B-side that didn’t make the cut. The album track, “Acetone,” is a jittery, seesawing firestarter that builds to a nervous yip: “I don’t want you to see the way I’ve been doled out a bleached persona/ No, no monochrome deliverance burns off like acetone.” B-side “Glass Hand” alternates between slow and contemplative and chunky riffage. They’re both great in different ways. Listen to them below.

“Acetone” and “Glass Hand” are out now. Their new album, Smell Smoke, is out next year.

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