Zola Jesus – “Siphon” Video

Last month, Zola Jesus was in Upstate New York to play a stunning headlining set at the Basilica Sound Festival. (I interviewed her there.) While she was up there, Zola Jesus teamed up with the great music-video director Zia Anger to shoot a striking, weirdly moving video for “Siphon,” one of the best songs from her great new album Okovi. The song is about talking a friend back from suicide, and it focuses on the idea of blood: “Won’t let you bleed out, can’t let you bleed out.” For part of the video, we see Zola Jesus standing outside, singing the song in the woods on a beautiful, sunny day. But in other parts of the video, she’s singing it while blood literally rains down on her. It’s a vivid image, and it will stay with you. This is a powerful video, and you can watch it below.

Okovi is out now on Sacred Bones.