Stream Dark Thoughts Halloween Tape

In DIY-punk circles, one of the big stories of last year was the self-titled debut album from the Philadelphia band Dark Thoughts. It’s a giddy, tuneful, pummeling piece of Ramones-style pop-punk, and its one-minute songs pack in more frenzed, catchy pathos than most of the one-minute songs you’re used to hearing. Dark Thoughts are working on their second album right now, and they’ve just shared a few early versions of some of its songs in their new Halloween Tape. In one Bandcamp track, they’ve included demos of four new songs. The Bandcamp embed is 14 minutes long, but those songs are over after about five minutes. And then we get nine minutes of spooky sound effects that were probably almost as fun to make as the songs themselves. Listen below.

You can buy Halloween Tape at Bandcamp.