Young Fathers – “LORD”

Edinburgh art-rap experimentalists Young Fathers, who came to prominence by winning the UK’s esteemed Mercury Prize for 2014’s DEAD, appear ready to follow up 2015’s White Men Are Black Men Too. They’ve uploaded a new track called “LORD” to YouTube along with a couple of messages.

On Facebook and Twitter, a screenshotted iPhone note reads:

We’ve just finished a new album,

and it’s about fucking time.

Anyway, here’s a song from it, a song called LORD.

See youz soon.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, they write:

Young Fathers have finished a new album
We hope you hear it sometime in the near future, for now here is a song, a song called LORD
You can’t dance to it

It’s true! “LORD” is a grandiose, futuristic piano ballad replete with a huge gospel choir, jarring digital bass, and sing-songy lyrics such as “This is my cross to bear.” It hardly even qualifies as hip-hop at all, even by Young Fathers’ already loose conception of the term. So yeah, don’t try to move your body to it. “LORD” is, however, a beautiful piece of music that deserves your attention, so listen below.

Stream or download “LORD” here via Ninja Tune.