Twin Peaks – “With You” & “Just Because”

Twin Peaks – “With You” & “Just Because”

Twin Peaks releasing their next album as a series of 7-inch singles is a necessary exercise in restraint for many of us, especially those of us who watched the entire new season of Stranger Things in one sitting. And as it’s now November, the indie Windy City rockers have released the second to last single, “With You” b/w “Just Because.” Sides A and B rightfully complement each other with lyrics about lost love veiled in candor and quips. “I’ll give you head, I’ll give you something to read,” Clay Frankel sings over an exchange of synths, reflecting the back and forth about whether being alone is better or worse than “being with you.” Side B, “Just Because,” features a drum machine and wolf whistle in efforts to cleverly mask the fact that, “Just because it’s forever/ Doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me feel blue.” Hear both songs below.

Twin Peaks also announced a February tour with Portugal. The Man today. That’s a big look for Twin Peaks considering Portugal’s “Feel It Still” is the biggest rock crossover hit in five years.

You can subscribe to the “Sweet ’17 Singles” series here. It concludes next month.

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