Pinegrove – “Intrepid”

Pinegrove – “Intrepid”

Pinegrove’s incredible Cardinal landed the rootsy, emotionally charged indie-rockers on our Best New Bands Of 2016 and 50 Best Albums Of 2016 lists, and since then, we’ve waited breathlessly for news of a follow-up. And, well, we’re still waiting, but now we have some new Pinegrove to listen to while we wait. The band have been playing a new song called “Intrepid” live lately, and in today’s final installment of their Command + S documentary series, Evan Stephens Hall and Nandi Rose Plunkett got into the making of the track. Now it’s finally here in all its studio-version glory, so listen below.

No official news about the new album yet, but in a press release, Hall teases, “One of the things this album explores is the emotional and creative experience of geometric space. ‘Intrepid’, in particular, considers distance and the outer rim of the magnet’s pull; how the size of the world can bring our personal relationships into focus.”

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