Prodigy – “Hardbody Karate” (Feat. Conway & Big Twins)

Earlier this year, we lost the Mobb Deep member and Queens rap legend Prodigy. And today, on what would’ve been P’s 43rd birthday, we get to hear “Hardbody Karate,” an unreleased track that Prodigy released earlier this year. It’s a queasy, murky banger with a beat from producer Vanderslice and guest appearances from Buffalo hardass Conway and longtime Mobb Deep affiliate Big Twins. Big the song belongs very much to Prodigy, who gets in some great lines: “May the fashion god damn you and curse your seed / May your jeweler charge too much and turn your neck green.” Listen to it below, via Rap Radar.

Prodigy was still making great rap music up until the end. We did not properly appreciate him.