Counterfeit Madison – “I Hope It’s Alright” Video

It’s hard to understate the dynamic presence Sharon Udoh has become within the Columbus creative community since she moved up from Cincinnati in 2009 and began performing music here under the name Counterfeit Madison. The Nigerian-American renaissance woman has since joined forces with a zillion bands and provided every last one of them with a jolt of electricity, usually via deeply intoned shouts and bellows from the pit of her soul and/or combustible piano mad science combining jazz, classical, gospel, rock, and seemingly every other musical fiber in the universe. Regardless of the context, she is a force of nature. But nothing captures her essence like her own solo material, an inspired convergence of influences and impulses that truly sounds like nothing else.

Her new solo album, Opposable Thumbs, is out next week on storied Columbus indie label Anyway, and today we’re presenting the video for one of its many highlights. “I Hope It’s Alright” is a playful piano romp that builds from something like ragtime to an onslaught of sludgy rock ‘n’ roll distortion. The title is cheeky; this is a song about not giving a fuck about society’s expectations, a lyrical message the music quite effectively mirrors. Compounding the effect is a video by director Layne Marie Williams, who had this to say about the collaboration:

Counterfeit Madison is one of my all time favorite artists and humans. Every time I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Counterfeit, its brought my film work the opportunity to seriously level up in quality and nuance. So it was just a totally natural conclusion that the two of us should create this music video together. The genre I lean towards is social justice with a fantastical twist — and so conceptualizing this premise of Counterfeit acting as this puppet trapped in a cubicle, with an ode to Inspector Gadget, and then breaking free into this more urbanized fantasy where Counterfeit is carefree and “not giving a shit” was a total organic delight to dream up and then facilitate into reality.

Watch below.

Opposable Thumbs is out 11/17 on Anyway. Pre-order it here. Counterfeit Madison will play a release show 11/21 at the Wexner Center in Columbus; tickets are available here.