Watch Flying Lotus’ New Short Film Skinflick

Earlier this year, Flying Lotus released his feature-length directorial debut Kuso, a surreal and phantasmagoric body-horror movie. Today, he’s followed it up with a new short film called Skinflick. FlyLo directed the film as “steve,” his filmmaking alias, and he also put together its score. The film gives a portrait Bob Heslip, a performer who works under the name Bumpy Bob The Bubble Boy. Most of the three-minute short film is extreme close-up sof Heslip’s skin, which looks almost like a lunar landscape under FlyLo’s camera. Because of a skin condition and tumor disorder, Heslip’s body is covered with bumps. In a press release, FlyLo says, “He is a lovely man and I wanted to make a film that would honor the beauty of his unique condition.” Watch it below.

Kuso is out now and streaming on Shudder.

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