Beach Slang: “Please Stop Robbing Us”

Poor Beach Slang have had a rough go of it in the year and change since our cover story on the band. In addition to enduring some personnel troubles, the inspirational punk rockers have now been robbed twice in the span of a year. Last November, frontman James Alex posted to Facebook that Beach Slang’s van had been burglarized in Austin, resulting in the loss of four instruments, a GPS, a cooler, a camera, sunglasses, headphones, “and countless irreplaceable sentimental items that mean so much to us personally.” According to another Facebook post, two nights ago they had it even worse:

Damn. I hope they have good insurance!

UPDATE: Beach Slang have set up an account for anyone who wants to help pay to replace their equipment. Payments can be sent to [email protected] via PayPal.

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